Downloading And Activating Steam Gifts

Please follow the instructions below to activate your Steam gift. 


1. Click the activation link which will open Steam to redeem your gift or in the Steam client you will receive a notification at the top right corner that says you have a new gift.

2. Clicking on "1 new gift" will take you to a screen where you can Accept Gift. Once you click Accept Gift you will have the option to add the game directly to your Library or to your Steam Inventory.

*If you click on Decline Gift, the gift will be returned to the original sender, so be sure to always press "Accept" on this screen. NEVER "decline"

3. If you add the game to your Library, it will be listed in your Library > Games list in Steam, highlighting the game and clicking the "Install" will download the game to your computer.

*If you add the game to your Steam Inventory and you wish to add it to your Library you will need to open your Steam Inventory, select the gift and click on "Add to my library..."

If you have any questions or concerns of any kind, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we'll be happy to assist you. 

All the best,
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